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New E-Zorb(TM) Line of High Voltage Diodes features Reverse Power Technology
Manufactured by VMI, the new E-Zorb(TM) line of high voltage diodes features Reverse Power Technology. In addition to the added benefit of controlled avalanche, they have the same high quality and reliability as our standard diodes. E-ZorbTM diodes can handle higher reverse current or reverse voltage spikes without sustaining permanent damage to the diode junction. Applications range from noisy industrial environments to sensitive high voltage instrumentation applications. • 10mJ to 400mJ • 2.5kV to 10kV • 10mA to 600mA • 30ns to 3000ns Voltage Multipliers Inc. www.voltagemultipliers.com . More Info

Optimizing the Power Switch in High Voltage Applications
Small high voltage loads are found in abundance. Be they actuators, motors, solenoids or transformers, power supply or power conversion circuits, all are subject to the relentless quest for better energy efficiency, improved reliability and reduced cost and footprint. For the power switching element within such loads, these technical demands appear to manifest thems

High Precision Power Supplies
Heinzinger now has four device series available as HighPrecision Version (hp): The devices of the hp series are available in the low-voltage range as PTNhp and in the high-voltage range as further developments of the reliable PNC and PHN unit series as PNChp and PHNhp. For lesser output the HNCEhp are available. More Info

New wide bandwidth, high voltage laboratory amplifier for driving electrostatic MEMS
Falco Systems announces the release of the WMA-300, a wide bandwidth, high voltage laboratory amplifier for driving electrostatic MEMS. With + 150 and – 150V output voltage, a DC - 5MHz full-power bandwidth and an extremely fast 2000V/us slew rate, it is the highest speed linear amplifier currently available for MEMS actuation. More Info

New Miniaturized Solid State Relays with an industry high of 3.75 kV insulation protection in SO-4 package
Avago Technologies announced an expansion of its solid state relay (MOSFET) family of opto-isolation products. The company is a leading supplier of analog interface components for communications, industrial and consumer applications. With input drive as low as 2mA and fast switching speeds of less than 0.5ms, Avago's new ASSR-301C/302C and ASSR-401C/402C are specifically designed for sensing and multiplexing applications, such as test and measurement and data acquisition systems, where low power consumption and high system throughput are essential.  More Info

Manufacturing System includes 2 build chambers
Enabling rapid manufacturing of large metal parts, Arcam A2 digital manufacturing and prototyping systemArcamcomes with 7.87 x 7.87 x 13.78 in. chamber and second chamber measuring 11.81 in. diameter x 7.87 in. high. User can choose between high or wide build chamber depending on each part's requirements. High-voltage power supply optimizes electron-beam control, while software provides automatic calibration, eliminating potential for human error. More Info

High Voltage Pulser IC's
SUNNYVALE, CA - 05/02/07 -- Supertex a recognized leader in high voltage analog and mixed signal integrated circuits (ICs), today introduced the HV738 and the HV748, two new, fully integrated, high voltage, high speed, four channel ultrasound pulser ICs. More Info

Powerful new contract for research centre
Nov 15 2006. By James Barton, The Journal. A high voltage test facility, the only one in the UK capable of generating the power of a lightning strike, has won a major contract to test National Grid substation equipment. More Info

High-Voltage Integrated Circuits
A new series of next-generation 500 and 600V high-voltage integrated circuits (HVIC) is available from International Rectifier. These 19 HVICs, half-bridge and high- and low-side drivers address applications including motor control, lighting, switch-mode power supplies, audio and flat-panel displays. They offer single or dual inputs, under-voltage lockout protection, fixed or programmable dead time for half-bridge drivers and drive currents up to 2.5A. The ICs utilize a high-voltage IC process known as G5 HVIC which enables high-voltage level-shifting and termination technology that delivers superior electrical over-stress protection and higher field reliability. Advanced packaging equipment and materials, combined with advancements in mold-compound injection techniques, allow these devices to be less sensitive to moisture and provide improvements in the plastic-to-die interface. More Info

TI Introduces High Voltage-Input Regulators for Harsh Environments
Automotive-Qualified Devices Support Wide Input Range up to 45 V, Reduce External Component Count
DALLAS (October 11, 2006) -- Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today introduced a family of high voltage-input low-dropout (LDO) linear regulators designed to withstand the requirements for harsh operating environments. The new devices offer a wide input voltage range of up to 45 V, providing transient protection for applications such as automotive body controllers, instrument clusters, automotive audio and telematics. More info

International Rectifier Introduces High-Voltage Buck Control ICs
10/16/2006  El Segundo, CA - International Rectifier, IR®, believed to be a world leader in power management technology, recently introduced a high-voltage, high-frequency buck regulator control IC for AC-DC offline, non-isolated applications requiring multiple light-emitting diode (LED) circuits or requiring DC-DC color-mixing capabilities. Applications include indoor and outdoor signage as well as architectural, entertainment, design and decorative lighting. Rated at 200V or 600V. More info

Toshiba Announces High Voltage Three-Phase Motor Drivers With Built-In Power Management Circuits for Energy-Saving in Appliance and Machinery Applications 250V and 500V Single Chip PWM Drivers for DC Brushless Motors Feature a High Level of Integration to Reduce Board Space and Power Consumption. More info.

KEMET Expands Product Offerings with High-Voltage Aluminum Organic Polymer Capacitors
Greenville, South Carolina (November 2, 2006) – In its continuing pledge to deliver the latest technology and superior customer service, KEMET Corporation today announces new high-voltage aluminum organic polymer capacitors (AO-CAPs) to include 12.5 and 16-volt offerings. More info.

New type of Ultracapacitor
Amongst the developments coming on to the market, Tavrima has developed a special type of high voltage ultracapacitor, ESCap 85/270, to meet megapower UPS requirements. Tavrima's rate @ 12V - 300V and beyond. More info

TI Delivers Precision 36-V Amplifiers with Low Power and Small Size for High- Voltage Industrial Market
Texas Instruments Incorporated today introduced two new precision operational amplifiers that combine ultra-low noise with lower power, smaller package size and higher bandwidth than competitive 36-V amplifiers. The OPA211 and OPA827 enable breakthrough performance for test and measurement, instrumentation, imaging, medical, audio and process control applications. These are the first devices developed using TI's groundbreaking BiCom3HV complementary bipolar 36-V silicon germanium (SiGe) process. (See http://www.ti.com/sc06209 .)
"The OPA211 and OPA827 represent a new class of precision amplifiers and demonstrate TI's commitment to the high-voltage industrial market," said Art George, senior vice president of TI's high-performance analog business. "These new amplifiers deliver extremely high accuracy with significant improvements in power consumption, bandwidth and package size characteristics, which will enable next-generation performance in industrial applications." More info

CTR Developed Sensors for Monitoring Power Lines
An innovative sensor technology is able to monitor high voltage powerlines and provide information on load-oriented power flows. SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave)-based systems that are based on radiotechnology measure the physical dimensions of power lines such astemperature, pressure or voltage. These systems transfer high frequencysignals via wireless technology, operate completely passive - without energysupply - and are able to withstand extreme temperatures (ranging from -55degrees to +400 degrees Celsius). These properties qualify the systems formonitoring conductor strands. More Info

AVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer of advanced passive components, has expanded its high-voltage multilayer capacitor series to include a 630V Range. Providing a high capacitance value, low ESRs at high frequencies and low leakage values in a small package, the 630V Range capacitor is designed as a drop-in replacement for a wide range of high-voltage, high-frequency applications such as snubbers in high-frequency power converters, resonators in SMPS, and high voltage coupling/DC blocking. More info

AVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer of advanced passive components and connectors, has developed RoHS-compliant medium-and high-voltage ceramic capacitors for high-current applications such as military, harsh environment power supplies, high-voltage coupling and DC-blocking. More info

(This is a really unique product.)

AVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer of advanced passive components and connectors, has expanded its innovative FLEXITERM™ series of capacitors by adding a high-voltage MLC chip for applications requiring 600V to 3000V. The capacitor provides high value, low leakage and small size in a rugged package that will not crack under extreme board flexure or temperature damage cycle conditions. The new FLEXITERM V+ is designed for applications such as snubbers in high frequency power converters, resonators in SMPS, and high voltage coupling/DC blocking because it exhibits low ESRs at high frequency. More info

.Medium-Voltage Drives offer 99 per cent efficiency
WEG's new MVW-01 range of medium-voltage drives is said to be setting new benchmarks for medium-voltage (MV) drive efficiency, achieving 99 per cent with a new design that employs Multilevel Topology to minimise component levels, and high-voltage (6.5kV) IBGTs to reduce motor harmonic currents to extremely low levels. More info. See also WEG.

New PCB circuit design to threaten MLCCs
Recent advancements in printed circuit board (PCB) circuitry may threaten the role of high-voltage multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs).