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AVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer of advanced passive components and connectors, has expanded its innovative FLEXITERM™ series of capacitors by adding a high-voltage MLC chip for applications requiring 600V to 3000V. The capacitor provides high value, low leakage and small size in a rugged package that will not crack under extreme board flexure or temperature damage cycle conditions. The new FLEXITERM V+ is designed for applications such as snubbers in high frequency power converters, resonators in SMPS, and high voltage coupling/DC blocking because it exhibits low ESRs at high frequency.

Larger physical chip sizes than normally encountered are used to make high voltage chips. These larger sizes require that special precautions be taken in applying these chips in surface-mount assemblies. In response to this, we have adapted the successful FLEXITERM MLCCs to respond to the demands of these types of applications.

FLEXITERM is a soft termination system that allows greater than two times the amount of board flexure when compared to standard termination systems. Further enhancing the capabilities of a standard MLCC, it was developed as an additional flexible termination layer added to the component to ensure electrical integrity is maintained when external forces are applied and to prevent failures in the system due to cracking.

Since the start of high voltage ceramic capacitor production, AVX capacitors in the 1000V to 3000V range have used the Multi Layer Series Capacitor (MLSC) technology because it splits the voltage distribution in the component, reducing electric field stresses.

Fractures in MLCC components most often occur as a direct consequence of flexing the PCB where the component is attached. In the worst case, a low resistance fracture failure can lead to extremely high temperatures when the component is connected to a power line and, due to ample current supply, could result in damage to the circuit board.

FLEXITERM’s flexible termination comprises a conductive polymer layer that is then plated with nickel and tin. Resistance to mechanical failure can be attributed to FLEXITERM’s ability to reduce the transfer of mechanical stress exerted on the component body. FLEXITERM V+ is available in case sizes from 1206 to 2220, with voltages ranging from 600 to 3000V.

With more than twice the resistance to board flexure and over three times the resistance to temperature cycle damage when compared to standard components, FLEXITERM V+ is designed so that the capacitors will not crack under extreme assembly or environmental conditions.

FLEXITERM V+ components are available in a RoHS compliant matte tin finish and also with a tin-lead finish.


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