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High Voltage Research Facilities and Universities »

  • Cardiff University - The High Voltage Group has over 15 years’ research experience in surge arresters, overvoltage protection and insulation co-ordination of power systems. The Group also has over 10 years’ experience in earthing systems and polymeric insulators. The investigations carried out by the Group include characterisation, simulation, condition monitoring, protection and design of high voltage transmission and distribution systems.
  • Clarkson University - Dielectrics and high voltage facility. One current project is the Effects of Corona On Insulators.
  • Helsinki University -The main focus in research in Power Systems deals with more efficient design and operation of electricity distribution systems. Here developments in distribution automation have an important role. Large and versatile laboratories are available for High Voltage research. Current activities concentrate on diagnostics of high voltage apparatus and measurement of fast transients.
  • Mississippi State University - The High Voltage Laboratory serves as an independent, non-industrial, university research center for high voltage engineering. The High Voltage Laboratory affords its special mission through research, evaluation/testing and educational activities.
  • NaREC Clothier Laboratories - A high voltage testing facility offers a wide range of dielectric testing services for power frequency, DC, impulse and switching voltage tests. As one of the world’s highest-rated facilities, it is capable of conducting tests on equipment rated up to 550kV and beyond.
  • Ohio State University - Its major facilities are related to the generation and measurements of high voltage AC, DC and surges. The laboratory has high voltage DC sources (up to 150,000 volts), high voltage AC sources (up to 250,000 Vrms), a 1,000,000 volt surge generator, and a high voltage Tesla transformer (up to 3 million volts). Test capabilities include withstand-, partial discharge- and breakdown tests on gases, liquids and solids, electric and magnetic field tests, reduced-scale model tests, fog chamber tests (accelerated aging), and shielding and attenuation experiments. The laboratory is used for education (teaching high voltage courses), research and independent testing.
  • Oklahoma State University - The labs provide for hands-on and theory-based learning. The new high voltage field lab is equipped for live work for utility linemen.
  • University of Canterbury - The High Voltage Laboratory is a graduate research and undergraduate teaching laboratory. It specialises in the measurement and testing of equipment and components of Electric Power Engineering.
  • University of Manitoba - This research and teaching laboratory is the largest of its kind amongst Canadian Universities. Work in this area covers a wide range of disciplines from physics of insulation to modern experimental techniques including data gathering of fast rising high voltage and current pulses. Applied research is carried out in collaboration with industries and utilities in four broad areas: properties of electrical insulation, modelling of power system apparatus, high voltage phenomenon and diagnostic testing.
  • University of Southhampton - The Tony Davies High Voltage Laboratory supports industrial customers through a range of activities including development testing, type approval, material characterisation and forensic analysis.