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Arc Flash Video »


Also see our blog on high voltage.

Arc flash videos used for training are essential in accident prevention and safety. Arcs occur when there is a breakdown or failure of an electrical insulator.

Arc flash clothing is an important item in the arsenal ofnecessary safety euqipment.

Below are some available videos to view:


Arc Flash Protection Video from Salisbury
Excellent overview that describes the hazards and appropriate protective clothing. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect agains arc flash and arc blast are described.

Our one-word review: Recommended.

first half:
Arc Flash Protection
6:38 minutes VIEW: High I Low
second half:
Glove Care & Use
9:11 minutes VIEW: High I Low
entire video:
Arc Flash Protection - Full
15:49 minutes VIEW: High I Low

Arc Flash Demonstration Video:
480 volt 3-phase.  Intentionally generated.   Very dramitic imaages.

Arc Flash Incident
Video of an incedent captured by a security camera. http://www.magnaelectric.com/content/view/39/56/

“It’s a Matter of Your Safety”
A 17-minute video, from Schneider Electric’s North American Operating Division, has three objectives: to demonstrate how potentially dangerous electrical hazards can be to equipment and human life, the importance of properly de-energizing a circuit before doing any repair work or performing any job function, and to address situations where work on an energized electrical circuit may be required.

While the video talks about the dangers of electrical shock, it focuses much attention on arc flash explosions. It demonstrates how an arc flash explosion is caused by the release of energy when an electric arc forms between two energized parts or energized part and ground. The graphic displays of the actual explosion show the importance of safety to avoid such catastrophes. For more information, including how to order a copy, see http://www.squared.com/us/squared/corporate_info.nsf/LookupFiles/SafetyVideo.pdf/$file/SafetyVideo.pdf